Access Consciousness Verbal Processing

What is Access Consciousness Verbal Processing?

Access Consciousness is a set of pragmatic tools and processes that allow you to change different areas of your life, often in ways you haven't been able to change them before.

Verbal processing can literally help us to unlock the energy of where we have “stuck” ourselves by the decisions and conclusions we come to when different things occur in our lives.

This is easier to understand with a couple of examples. So, here is an example in the area of money.

When I was little, I could see my Dad going to work in a bank every day, looking serious, hating it and earning the main money in our house. My Mum, on the other hand, I saw working at home, working in the nursery where my brother and I went, and earning very little money – the amount she earned was actually a joke in our house.

So, I came to certain conclusions around money – you have to do serious, “male” work, you will most likely dislike any job that makes you lots of money, “female” work (for me of course healing work) will not make you money, it's hard to make money, money doesn't grow on trees, people like us don't make large amounts of money etc etc

It's possible with Access Consciousness verbal processing to quickly and easily go back to the point where we decided something “money doesn't grow on trees” or “you have to do “male” work to earn money” and release that energy. As you release that energy, you have more ease in that area – so in this case, money can now come to me with more ease from my more “female” line of work.

These verbal processes of Access Consciousness have shifted so much for me in the eighteen months I have been using them – with more ease and speed than anything else I have ever come across!

What Happens in an Access Consciousness Verbal Processing Session?

We would begin with me asking you a bit about what you would like to change – this can be anything from your health to your financial situation, to your relationship, to how you feel about your body.

I listen to what you are saying, and sense where the energy is “stuck” - and ask questions that enable you to release that stuckness – bringing you way more ease and freedom in that area!

How Long Does an Access Consciousness Verbal Processing Sessions Last?

Verbal processing sessions on their own are by phone or Skype and last for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

The change can happen really fast – so sometimes, if you feel stuck with one thing and want to release just that, 30 minutes is perfect. If you want change in more areas, or if it feels like there's a lot of “conclusions” around the thing you would like to change, a 1 hour session is likely to be more appropriate.

For in person sessions, verbal processes combine amazingly well with the Bars healing – and I offer 90 minute sessions that combine both the bars and these powerful verbal processes.

What can Access Consciousness verbal processing be helpful for?

These processes can be used for any area of your life where you feel stuck, and would like more freedom and choice. My own experience of these processes is that they shift things with amazing ease and speed – more than I had thought possible!

Would you like to book a session?

You can call me on 07903 019461 or email me here to find a time for your session, or to talk about how Access Consciousness verbal processes may be able to help you.

The cost of these verbal processing sessions is £140 for an hour, and £95 for thirty minutes.