The healing therapies I practice are all part of the emerging new paradigm in healthcare which is called variously “energy medicine”, “energy psychology” or “conscious medicine.”

Although new to the western world, this new paradigm is based on what was well known in eastern traditions from over 6,000 years ago: there is a basic life force in the body, known as “chi” to the Chinese, and “prana” to the Indians.

The underlying idea of energy healing, EFT, reiki and Access Consciousness the Bars healing is that when we encounter situations in our lives which are difficult or threatening in some way, we tend to hold the unresolved energy in our body. This unresolved energy blocks the flow of life force, and therefore depletes us, in time leading to ill health and suffering.

The way I practice literally invites you to get back in touch with that vital life force, and your free flowing energy. This can lead to healing on all levels: physically, emotionally, in your relationships with others and spiritually.

Whilst clients may come for healing with a specific health issue, they may find that other areas of their life may be affected (eg their ability to deal with stress, other health problems that they had just accepted as “part of their lives”, or being more in touch with who they really are and what they want from their lives.)

To read more about the specific healing therapies themselves, please take a look at the pages on:

Energy Healing

Reiki Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique

Access Consciousness the Bars

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