Here are some links to a few websites and resources that I find useful:

School of Energy Healing

This is where I trained as an Energy Healer; it has some useful information about energy healing, and also a directory for finding a healer in different parts of the country.

Information on the Emotional Freedom Technique

This is the original EFT website, which has lots of free information, as well as links to other practical resources.

Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Has a lot of information about complementary medicine, different approaches to illness and wellness, and a database of practitioners to search.

This is a fantastic site for all kinds of information about everything to do with healing, health and spirituality

Karen Knowler

If you’re interested in raw foods, this is a fantastic site to look at. Karen is a raw food coach, and has a lot of information on her website about transitioning to raw food, what to expect emotionally and physically, and lots of yummy recipes. She has been eating raw food for nearly 2 decades now, so she really knows what she is talking about!

Healers Directory

This website has a comprehensive and accessible listing of different types of therapists and healers throughout the UK.

And a few books:

Conscious Medicine

In this book, Gill Edwards, clinical psychologist and healer, talks about health and wellness – an invaluable resource if you are struggling with some kind of health issue, or are just interested in health and wellbeing.

Biology of Belief

Here Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist, shows how we are not controlled by our genes and our DNA. Rather, DNA is controlled by messages from outside of the cell ie our own thoughts, feelings and emotions.