Become More Energised Without Leaving Your home

Are you struggling with debilitating fatigue?

Find out about The Simple 5 Step System that gives you easy-to-follow strategies and processes for increasing your energy and releasing fatigue so you can enjoy your life again!

Dear Chronic Fatigue Sufferer,
  • Are you suffering from debilitating fatigue?
  • Have you given up on living a "decent" life, just hoping you can get by without too much fatigue and pain?
  • Do you feel abandoned by conventional medicine, and aren’t sure where to turn?
  • Do you alternate between thinking you can "beat" this illness, and passively giving into it?
  • Do you deep down know that it is possible to regain your energy and vitality, despite what you might read about this condition in the press?

If this is you, then carry on reading.....

I used to be in this position myself, and am now working with clients helping them to achieve the same vitality that I now enjoy, using all the techniques and processes I know helped me in my own recovery.

And now, for the first time, I am sharing the proven tools and techniques I use with clients in one to one sessions in a programme you can follow from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for people with fatigue – you don’t even have to leave your house to find relief from your tiredness.

Interested to find out more?

Read on for the details of how this programme can help you feel more energised and less fatigued!

Step 1 : Gain Relief from Your Physical and Emotional Symptoms

I know from personal experience how we can often feel completely overwhelmed by what is happening in our bodies and minds. This step is about giving you simple, easy-to-use quick techniques that can bring you immediate relief from the intensity of your symptoms.

Step 2: Love Your Body, Feel More Energy

With this confusing illness, we can often feel as though our body has betrayed us, and in turn we begin to hate our bodies. This step is about turning that around. Simple, quick techniques allow you to come into your body, and enjoy being in your body again. As you become more at peace with your body, your relationship with your condition changes, and you become more enegised.

Step 3: Learning to Believe You can Get Better

Doctors will have you believe this condition is incurable. At best, they tell you, it can be managed. Well, it is possible to recover I have not only recovered but become more alive, joyful and happy than ever before in my life......and this step is about releasing your fears around never getting better, and coming to a knowledge that it is perfectly possible for you too to recover and live a full and enjoyable life.

Step 4: Release the Past to Find Vitality and Energy in the Present

We often hold in our bodies unresolved energy from difficult or painful situations in the past. This step is about gently releasing what is keeping us stuck in the past, which also keeps us stuck in fatigue and other physical and emotional symptoms. As we do this, we free up energy for living and enjoying life.

Step 5: Anchoring Wellness in the Body Through an Intuitive Nutrition Plan

This step is about strengthening a body that has become weak from months and years of fatigue. Strengthening the body also enhances the effect of the other work we have been doing, meaning you feel more vitality and energy. You will discover ways of eating that support your body at this time – it’s not about the “perfect” or “right” diet: it is more about learning about listening to your body and giving it what it requires. As your body feels better, so will you!

And at the end a 30 minute phone session with me

This session can be used as you like - it can be a chance to ask questions, to receive some mentoring or to explore which parts of the programme it may be useful for you to continue using.

How Does It Work?

Every week, for the 4 months of the programme, you will receive materials direct to your inbox that support you on your journey to less fatigue and more vitality.

The materials (handouts, videos, audios and meditations) are selected such that they support you without overwhelming you. Remember I have had this debilitating condition myself – so I’ve kept it simple and practical! The programme follows through step by step – and the processes also stand on their own so you can use them at any point.

And everyone is different – you may find one of the processes helps you so much that it’s the only one you use for a while.....and then, when that changes, you have many more to choose from.

Do you like what you’ve read here? Are you ready to take the next step to becoming less fatigued and more energised?

One Time Payment - £147

One off initial payment - £70
3 Monthly payments - £33

My Guarantee to You
I am keen to share this transformative, energising work with as many people as possible. And I want to make it risk free for you. Simply register for this programme, try it for 2 months, and if you're convinced at the end of that time, that you're not learning valuable techniques to increase your vitality and lessen your fatigue, just send me an email and I will send you a credit towards any of my programmes, classes or one on one sessions with me for the next 12 months.

PLEASE NOTE: since this programme consists of handouts, audios, videos and meditations with valuable information, I am unable to offer a cash refund.

Again, I am very happy to offer you an equivalent credit to my other programmes, classes and one to one sessions.

And here’s what other people are saying about working with me:

I've suffered from M.E. (chronic fatigue) for over twenty years now, and I have been severely affected.

Before seeing Fiona, I felt like a hollow shell, with no energy. I often felt like my life was a living hell, and that I had little hope of recovery, despite my best efforts to exercise, eat healthily and have a positive attitude.

After seeing Fiona just four times (so far), I'm now feeling solid inside, excited about my life, and I'm getting up at 7am because I don't want to be in bed any more. I am now feeling confident that I can recover, but you don't have to believe in energy healing for it to work.

I'm amazed by it. And I like Fiona. She's a kind, supportive and humble person.

Angela Murphy, Sale, Cheshire


Working with Fiona has led to me regaining a full, active and enjoyable life, and a level of vitality and positivity I would never have dreamed of.

I had been ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME for over twenty years by the time I began to work with Fiona.

I have had a variety of symptoms: constant fatigue in spite of often sleeping really well, brain fog and poor concentration, particularly in the mornings, and a habitual low mood (unsurprising, I suppose with the lack of anything positive in my life.)I also had the mindset of an “ill” person”, and really doubted that I could ever have a life that even approached "normality".

By the time I came to see Fiona, I had tried quite a few approaches to "managing" my condition: reflexology, massage, reiki, aromatherapy, homeopathy, counselling, they were working in a limited way, helping me to “deal” with my condition.

Meeting Fiona coincided with a feeling inside me that I could really get completely better, a big change from the received wisdom around ME that you can "manage" the condition rather than recover from it!

One of the first big changes I noticed was my mood –which actually began to change as soon as I saw Fiona’s website, and decided to work with her. Nowadays, I am positive most of the time – which feels like a blessing after years of low mood and depression. I also noticed that I wasn’t cancelling things in the same way: I was saying yes to things I genuinely wanted to do, and then prioritising following through with them. This had a massive effect on my self esteem.

Then came the physical changes. At first, it was little things like not needing to rest at the top of the stairs every time I went upstairs. Or being able to spend a bit more time with people without getting completely worn out, then suddenly I was able to be out and about for much longer during the day.

Now three months after finishing working with Fiona, I am leading an active, full life –including spending a lot of time looking after my aging parents. I feel particularly grateful for this, as it means so much to them and to me that I am really able to be there for them when they need me. I also have all sorts of plans for the future (something I would never have dared do before)– including writing a book which has been "inside" me for some time now.

I loved working with Fiona too – she was totally present for me, encouraging me every step of the way – and of course completely understanding where I was coming from, because she had experienced so much of it herself. I am left at the end of the programme with a set of tools and materials that I continue to use myself to keep me well and happy.

Thanks so much, Fiona for giving me back my life and my health – nothing is more precious than that.

Stephen Walmsley, Lancashire

Could this be you too?

One Time Payment - £147

One off initial payment - £70
3 Monthly payments - £33