Money Dance


October 23rd; monthly till March 2015

Money Dance

What if you could dance in a song of ease and joy with money?

What if you could create more (and more) whilst letting go of everything in your relationship with finance that isn't fun fun fun?

Are you ready for new possibilities?

Heading towards the new year and beyond, this monthly 6 part tele-class will offer you the tools of Access Consciousness to pragmatically and dynamically change and revolutionize your money flows.

What if money was about joy, receiving and choice?

What if your beliefs about money could be cleared with more ease than you could ever imagine?

What if you could dance dance dance away from debt and despair into delight and dynamism with money?

Here is what David wrote about this class:

"Dear Fiona,

Since attending your money class in Middlesbrough back in August (after a summer and actually a spring, winter and a lot of lifetime too of despairing massively over money and not dancing) I'm realising that it really is just choice. I can choose to dance in this ten seconds or I can choose to despair and both are OK - no judgement.

I'm choosing to dance (and play and sing and giggle) with money much more now though!!! and am using these wonderful, simple, glorious Access tools to create way more than I could ever imagine even just those two months ago.

Fiona your kind, bold and wonderful facilitation has enabled me to go beyond simply reading about these tools into actually using them! Thank you so so much.

Today I had a full day of clients and there's a wallet full of money in my view and creating that came with so much ease! Also, money is starting to show up in my life in such unexpected ways...

I'm really looking forward to your money dance series and clearing even more of those interesting points of view about money. Really, what else is possible now?! "

David Taylor, Access Bars and Body Process Facilitator, Middlesbrough

Do you dare?

See you on the dancefloor....

#1. Thursday 23rd October

'Money dance' - You, your cash and the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness.

The first call has happened now - if you'd like to be part of the whole series, you can still sign up. You will receive the recording of the first call, and then can participate live in the others.

#2. Thursday 13th November

'Crazy points of view around money - (and who do they belong to anyway?)

#3. Thursday 18th December

'Money past' - From "debt" to delight

#4. Thursday 15th January

'If money were no object, what would you choose?'

#5 Thursday 19th February

'How to create YOUR financial reality'

#6 Thursday 16th March

What if this was just the beginning? You, money and more more more....

The calls will be recorded - so you can listen again and go deeper in your release, and so you can listen later if you're unable to make all the calls.

You can choose to attend one or all of these calls. The cost for each one is £20, and it's only £95 if you know you want to be on all the calls and gain maximum benefit.

To book your place or request more information, click here