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Thursday, August 27th
Hebden Bridge
Access Consciousness magic evening
Theme coming soon!!!

August 29th and 30th
* Have you noticed that this reality doesn’t actually work in a way that works for you?
*Are you looking for the keys that will unlock the limitations of this reality and allow you to step into infinite possibilities for actually having everything you truly desire in life?
In Foundation you will begin to see the points of view that limit you and what else can be changed that would allow the possibility of functioning from question, choice, possibility, and contribution.
I am finalising the dates for Foundation / Level 1 in Hebden Bridge over the Summer - contact me if you're interested and watch this space for more information.
10th September
West Yorkshire
23rd September
Time TBC
Right Voice For You
If changing your voice required changing your life... would you be willing?
Right Voice For You is a workshop which uses the tools and processes of Access Consciousness to assist people (singers, business people, house wives, writers, actors') with finding and sharing their voice with the world. These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from singing, writing, speaking, or communicating in your own voice.
The magic of Right Voice For You is its ability to assist people in letting go of judgments and conclusions that have stifled them and their creative voice. The beauty of these tools is you don't have to know what's keeping you stuck. You don't have to know why things aren't working; you just have to be willing to consider a different possibility.
This intro class will give you tools and clearings to begin unraveling this area of you life so you can have more of you in any area of your life.

Saturday, September 19th
Hebden Bridge
Certified Access Consciousness Bars Training Day
Another chance to join us to learn this powerful healing modality, that you will be able to use immediately with friends, family and clients. And which you can continue to use for your own benefit by joining in swaps.
There are so amazing benefits of receiving the bars.

Sunday, September 20th
Hebden Bridge
Body Process Classes
More information coming soon.

Thursday, September 24th
Hebden Bridge
7-8thirty pm
Evening of Access Consciousness
Theme to be confirmed. More information coming soon.

October 10th and 11th
Level 1
Level 1 is one of the core classes of Access Consciousness.
This 2 day class comes after the Foundation class – and takes you further into living from a place of no-judgement, from possibilities and choice.
In Level 1 we begin to understand what it means to truly create our life as we desire it. This class will give you even greater awareness of infinite being and infinite choice. You will discover “What Else is Possible?” in ways you never imagined!
I am finalising the dates for Foundation / Level 1 in Hebden Bridge over the Summer - contact me if you're interested and watch this space for more information.

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