Individual Healing Sessions

These can help you transform your stress, pain and emotional and physical health issues. They can also allow you to resolve issues with difficult relationships, or release fears and phobias.

I work with a combination of energy techniques (you can read more about them here) to help you to release whatever issues from the past are keeping you stuck in emotional or physical pain.
The sessions last for ninety minutes, and can be in person in my clinics in Hebden Bridge or Manchester – or wherever you are by phone and skype.

My own experience tells me that committing to your healing process brings more rapid and more profound results. This commitment is in the form of coming for regular treatments over the course of 3 to 18 weeks. For these reasons, I recommend a series of either 3 or 6 healing sessions, together with a final 30 minute phone review session. I will also share with you a meditation or healing technique that you can use between sessions: this allows the healing work to go deeper, and is empowering for you in that you have a tool for taking care of your own well-being.

I prioritise those clients who are making the commitment to a longer programme or series of sessions , and I am also often able to make space for people who wish to come for a single session – and there are times when this may be the most appropriate option. For example, clients wanting to let go of a difficult relationship from the past, or deal with a fear or phobia have found that one session was sufficient to move on from these issues.