From Fatigue to Phenomenance


Do you always feel tired, no matter how much you rest, or how much you try to “look after” yourself?

Are you fed up of just getting through the day, and are looking for something way more than that?


From Fatigue to Phenomenance

I used to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, dragging myself through the day, sometimes unable to leave the house for days on end, settling for a half lived existence.

At a certain point in my recovery, it became clear to me that I wasn't just looking to “survive” and have the “normal” life that I had so craved when I was desperately ill.

Actually, I desired way more – a life where I was really living to the full – enjoying every moment of the day, and expanding and creating more and more – yes a life of Phenomenance!

The tools of Access Consciousness have allowed me to create all of this, and it is all still expanding and growing......................

Would you like some of that?

Join me on this six week telecall series - “From Fatigue to Phenomenance.”

During these calls, using the amazing tools of Access Consciousness, we will be looking at releasing fatigue and creating a phenomenal life that you live to the full.........................


There are two ways of joining these calls:

Introductory Calls: Friday July 24th, Wednesday August 5th and Wednesday August 12th at 8 pm for 75 minutes – investment in you £60

Advanced Calls (introductory Calls are a prerequisite) Wednesday August 26th, September 2nd and September 9th at 8 pm for 75 minutes – investment in you £60

OR all 6 calls paid in advance £100!!!!

Disclaimer: please note that the calls will be recorded and the recordings may be reused in the future. Proceeding with the payment, you agree to your voice being recorded as part of this series of classes. If you have any questions regarding the use of the recordings, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

You can make the payment and reserve your place here:

From Fatigue to Phenomenance

For any questions, you can also contact me here.