Access Consciousness Foundation

Have you noticed that this reality doesn’t actually work in a way that works for you?

Are you looking for the keys that will unlock the limitations of this reality and allow you to step into infinite possibilities for actually having everything you truly desire in life?

Access Consciousness™ is a pragmatic system for functioning outside of a world that doesn’t function for you. By looking at life’s issues from a completely different perspective, it becomes easy to change anything. For anything to be limiting you, you must be functioning from some form of anti-consciousness or unconsciousness. So what would you like to choose instead?

In Foundation you will begin to see the points of view that limit you and what else can be changed that would allow the possibility of functioning from question, choice, possibility, and contribution.

And what does this all mean in practice?

Well, for me, taking this class led me to be free of a lot of limiting beliefs....things that I didn't even know were limiting me, as well as those that I'd had a sense of for some time.

So much of what I heard in Foundation was like an “oh yes – I always knew something else was possible” and what is amazing is you get lots of practical tools that you can use yourself to continue unlocking where you are stuck long after the class is over.

You also learn a powerful hands on process – which can lead to your cells returning to how they were supposed to function – before the accidents / traumatic events changed things.....

Are you interested in this life changing 2 days?

The next Foundation class will be in Manchester on August 29th and 30th - there is likely to be another Foundation and Level 1 class in Hebden Bridge over the Summer. Let me know if you are interested, and watch this space for dates when they become clear. You can contact me here if you're interested in requesting these amazing classes also in your area!

You do need to have done the Bars class to attend Foundation; click here to view upcoming classes.

If you wish to reserve your place or pay the full amount for one of the upcoming classes, you can do it here. (First time £450 and deposit £225, repeats £225 and deposit £100.)

Foundation Class with Fiona

Do You have more questions?

Email me here or call me on 07903 019461 to find out more.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.