Food Glorious Food


Food! What does it mean for YOU?

Diet? Debauchery? Delight? Denial?

Food Glorious Food Fiona CuttsFor me, for many years, it meant trying to get it right, obsession, shame and seeking a faraway perfection with it in a maze of different eating styles and heavy lifestyle points of view.

What else is possible with food, with how we eat, that we haven't yet considered?

What if our relationship with food and eating could be so much more ease, joy and glory and not a restrictive diet of peas, 'oh boy!' and old old story?

Food Glorious Food Fiona CuttsJoin me in this three part teleclass as we explore the tools of Access Consciousness to uncover, share and clear those places we are keeping ourselves stuck in the wrongness of us and food.

Really, what else is possible now?

Are you ready to create a new reality with food?


This 3 part series is now being extended for another 2 calls!!

After the calls, which have been really dynamic and created lots of change, several people said to me that they didn't think the calls were over..................something more was required.

Food Glorious Food Fiona CuttsOn a recent visit to Chester to facilitate Foundation and level 1, I realised that more was required of me to be the space that people in the class were demanding....................................and I realised how some of the things that were going on for me with food were completely connected to how much I am actually choosing to be all that I can be....................

So, this is the starting point for these 2 followup calls and these 2 calls are stand alone - you don't have to have participated in the earlier ones to participate in these calls.

And why would you not choose the earlier 3 calls?

They brought so much phenomenal change, and are still available here!

Here are the timings of the extra calls:

Wednesday 3rd June, Wednesday 17th June at 8pm for 75 minutes.

Here is what one person said after these calls:

"Thank you so much for this bold and dynamic teleseries. Increasingly throughout the calls there was the awareness that we were clearing age-old beliefs & insane and 'interesting' points of view about food and eating that have been around FOREVER! It's been so exciting to go beyond that with questions, new possibilities, vulnerability and openness.

For me, the changes have included food and eating, yes, (and the chance to look at areas I haven't before in regard to my digestive system and eating patterns) - I've also been amazed that I haven't chosen to have a cigarette for 3 weeks too - and its been total ease! Again, the space too to be open and share things about eating and my body that I haven't felt comfortable sharing with anyone before has been priceless and I've noticed that I am having MORE FUN with my body, moving more and also have a stronger desire to give my body what IT desires! How does it get more fabulous than that?

Thank you again - thanks too for your willingness to be seen with your food history and huge desire to go beyond it. What an invitation to all"

David Taylor, Redcar

So, choose which option you would like:

Disclaimer: please note that the calls will be recorded and the recordings may be reused in the future. Proceeding with the payment, you agree to your voice being recorded as part of this series of classes. If you have any questions regarding the use of the recordings, please do not hesitate to contact me here.
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