Emotional Freedom Technique

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an easy to learn, fast technique that has helped thousands of people with physical and emotional issues.

It is often compared to acupuncture – but without the needles! Like the other therapies I practice, EFT is based on the recognition that painful emotions, stress or phobias are caused by a blockage or a disruption in the energy system. Using EFT can “neutralise” the painful emotion or behaviour pattern.

The results can often be amazingly quick (often an issue can be worked through in one or two sessions) and it can be used on a huge range of issues.

What Happens During an EFT session?

We begin by you telling me about the issues you would like help with. Listening to you, and using my intuition and awareness of and sensitivity to energy, I am able to tune in to the heart of the issue that you would like to be resolved.

I then show you how to use EFT – it's a very simple, easy to learn technique that involves tapping on certain acupuncture points. Tapping on these points releases the old energy that's holding our emotional “stuckness” or physical issues in place. So,it's possible to quickly feel more well and balanced on the emotional and physical level.

You will also receive written and video materials to enable you to use the technique yourself in your day to day life. Experience shows me that using a powerful healing technique in addition to sessions with me enables the healing to go deeper.

I have written a lot about different aspects of using EFT in my blog – so click here to learn more.

How Long does a Session last?

In person sessions last for 90 minutes, and skype / phone sessions last for 60 minutes.

What Can EFT be used for?

I have used EFT with clients in these situations:

Can I have an EFT Session by Phone?

This therapy is remarkably well suited to phone and skype work.

I will send you some information on the mechanic of EFT before your session (a video, and some written information) so that you get the most out of the session.

Would you like to book a session?

You can call me on 07903 019461 or email me here to find a time for your session, or to talk about how EFT may be able to benefit you.

The costs of the sessions are £95 for 90 minutes, and £80 for an hour, and you are welcome to pay online or in cash.