Committing to Your Health

Are You Ready to Take a Step in the Direction of More Energy, Joy and Vitality?

Experience shows me that the best way to begin working with me is to book a 90 minute healing session, followed by a 20 minute phone session.

The combination of the healing session and the phone session gives us both the opportunity to see what it's like working together, and gives me the chance to assess the next best step for you. For some people, one session is sufficient, and for others a series of healing and /or mentoring sessions is beneficial.

The cost of the healing and phone session is £80. To book your session, call me on 07903 019461 or email me here.

I will confirm the appointment once I have received your payment which you can make here via paypal.

And if you'd like to speak to me to get more information before booking a session, just call me on 07903 019461 or email me here to find out more.