Access Consciousness Body Processes Sessions

What are the Access Consciousness Body Processes?

Access Consciousness body processes are hands on processes that gently invite the body to come back to its original level of functioning.

I would gently run generative energies by placing my hands on different parts of your body – and your body is invited to a more expansive way of being, which improves the function of different organs and body systems.

What happens in a hands on body process session?

Each session would begin with us talking about the reason for you requesting a session, and I would ask some questions to get an energetic sense of where you are “stuck”.

You may already have a sense of a process that you feel would be beneficial for your body, or it may be that based on what you tell me I select a process that would be contributive to you.

You would then lie fully clothed on a treatment table. This may be face down, on your back or on your side, depending on the process and the area of your body where I would run the energy. I would always make sure that your body is comfortable.

I then gently place my hands on your body, sometimes moving them to different positions, and sometimes leaving in the same positions for a while.

People experience these sessions differently. For me, I often feel deeply relaxed, and my mind “switches off.” It is my sense that it is in this deep space of relaxation that renewal and healing of the body can occur.

What are the different types of processes?

Here are examples of some of the processes:

There are many more – take a look at my blog where I am writing about some of these processes, and ask me if there's a particular condition you want to work with.

How Long Do the Sessions Last?

Access Body process sessions last for 90 minutes in person, and 60 minutes by phone / skype (see below about distance sessions).

Can this be done at a distance?

These energies can be run at a distance, as they are about energy, which is independent of time and space. Access Consciousness recognises that our bodies also receive a lot through physical touch. So, whilst the energies run dynamically at a distance, and people receive a great deal of benefit from them (which is of course why I offer them) this is not actually part of Access Consciousness.


Would You Like to Book a Session?

If you like what you read here, then you can phone me on 07903 019461 or contact me here to arrange a time for your session, or to talk about how these amazing body processes may be of benefit to you.

The cost of these sessions is £95 for 90 minutes, and £80 for an hour, and you are welcome to pay online or in cash.

Would You Like to Learn these processes to use with others?

I also run regular classes where I actually teach you these body processes so that you can continue to run them for friends, family and with clients. You can also participate in swaps or tell your partner how to run the energy in order to continue receiving a particular process. There is more information about those classes here.