Access Consciousness Bars Healing

What is the Bars Healing?

We often hold “out of date” ideas in our minds and bodies, which we may have picked up from our parents, society in general or even our ancestors. In the same way as a computer can function on out-of-date software and so not be at peak capacity, so it is with us as human beings. We literally use out-of-date and often unhelpful “programmes” to run our lives.

This can lead to general problems such as anxiety, worry, low mood, being prone to stress, to serious chronic physical or mental illness – or to just feeling that there must be more to life than this, and that somehow there should be more joy in being human than you're experiencing at the moment.

Receiving this healing gently releases the “out-of-date” information that is keeping you stuck.. And it is profoundly relaxing. It's been said about the bars healing that at its worst, you receive an incredibly relaxing massage, and at its best your whole life is transformed.

If you're interested in knowing more about this, I have written more in a recent blog post about my experience with this incredible healing modality.

What Happens in a Bars Healing Session?

We would begin the session with you telling me a bit about the issues you are struggling with and would like help with. This allows me to tune in energetically and get a sense of the core of the issues you are working with.

You would then lie down, fully clothed, on the treatment table. I would hold, in turn, 32 different points on your head. These points relate to different areas of your life – for example your body, money, healing, feeling different emotions. As I gently hold these points, you are able to release the views and opinions you hold in these different areas that are no longer serving you.

This leads to increasing freedom in your mind and body, and also to resolution of physical, mental and emotional health issues. You will also feel incredibly relaxed at the end of the session

How Long Does a Bars Healing Session last?

Sessions last for 90 minutes.

What can the bars healing be helpful for?

The bars healing can be used in all kinds of situations: for any kind of health issues, limiting beliefs, wanting more out of life, low mood. My own experience of receiving this healing is that it transforms things quickly and enjoyably!

Would you like to book a session?

You can call me on 07903 019461 or email me here to find a time for your session, or to talk about how the bars may be able to benefit you.