About Me

Fiona Cutts recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome / ME

This is a picture of me taken recently in the South of Spain - enjoying my life in beautiful surroundings. How did I et so lucky? Not only have I recovered from a serious illness lots of people believe can't be cured, I am creating an amazing life which I am enjoying to the full!

The Here and Now

Today I work as a Healer and Mentor - empowering people to let go of the things that are keeping them stuck in illness and low energy, and become more well and more alive. I love my life working with people to release what's holding them back from full health and vitality, and learning more all the time about how to help people do this. You can read more about my Qualifications and the professional organisations I belong to.

The History of an Illness

It wasn’t always like this for me. In 2003, I caught a cold, and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME – from one day to the next. I was deeply emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted, and that just wasn’t going to go away quickly.

For the next three years, I was in what one of my clients calls the "hell of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME." I had to be careful about everything I did. I couldn’t listen to the radio or music or watch television, as it tired me out; I could only go outside for a short time – and once a day at the most; I had to be careful about the number of people I talked to in a day (a short telephone conversation could tire me out), and I missed out on the very early years of my two lovely nieces. I had a continual what I called “brain fog” which meant it was hard to concentrate on anything – reading, writing, or adding up numbers (I worked as an accountant!)

The Path to Recovery

I have regained vibrant health through using the same proven techniques and processes I now use with clients. Energy Healing and Reiki have literally been a journey back to the freedom to be myself, letting go of unhelpful patterns and behaviours which were consuming my energy. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has helped hugely with a lot of the emotional issues that surfaced as I was trying to get myself better, and has also helped me with other things that have supported the healing process – for example, giving up unhealthy foods, regaining self confidence, overcoming fear of being ill again.

I love my life empowering people like you to vibrant good health, and learning more and more about what can lead to unlocking that full vitality that I now believe is our birthright. I look forward to sharing that knowledge and experience with you.

As a result of my own healing journey through Chronic fatigue Syndrome / ME, I am now specialising in helping clients suffering from this debilitating condition. You can read more about the way I work with people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME by clicking here.

Beyond Recovery - What Else is Possible?

I have been really well for the last few years. At first that was enough for me. There was an aspect to recovery that was so positive - I would enjoy being able to walk for 1 hour rather than 30 minutes, or go dancing for an hour rather than ten minutes, or travel abroad again, something I was unable to do as the flying tired me out. Then, when I was able to do all these "normal" things again, I found that continuing to use the tools of Energy Healing, the Emotional Freedom Technique / EFT, and Access Consciousness, and Access Consciousness Bars Healing, my life began to expand and grow beyond what I had ever thought was possible, even before I had ME / CFS. I feel more alive, more energetic, more present, more joyful, happier than ever before.....and I feel sure that yet more is possible for me, and that's exciting! I love working with people who are ready to experience more positivity, joy and freedom in their lives.

The Birth of Conscious Vitality Now

It is this expansion into more joy, more positivity and more possibility that led me to Conscious Vitality Now. For me, the name evokes the possibilities for more vitality, more consciousness, more expansion, more fun! I continue to work with people who are very fatigued with ME / CFS (and particularly enjoy this because of my own history), or who have other physical or emotional health issues. And I also work with people who are motivated by wanting more - more joy, more freedom, more vitality. And maybe both are true for you - they were for me even when I was really ill.

A Few More Things About Me

candles and pebbles in front of buddha

As well as my own experience of recovering from a debilitating, chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, I also bring to my healing and mentoring work over twenty years of experience of being on a path of self development and personal growth.

I have practised meditation techniques that lead to being more present and more loving. For me, a key factor in the healing process is about being present with another person with awareness, empathy and acceptance.

More recently, I have been learning to express the vitality I feel inside through different types of dance and voice work. If feels to me as if this is balancing the more internal, meditative processes.

People tell me that I am very empathic and intuitive as a healer, and that I am able to hold people with loving acceptance as they go on their healing journey. I see this as a natural result of my years of spiritual practice, self development - and continuing looking for what helps people to grow and heal and develop.

Would You Like to Know More?

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