'Fiona is the ideal facilitator for Access Consciousness. She radiates a contagious joy and enthusiasm for this exceptional practice. Her deep belief in the transformational power of the Access Bar tools is inspiring.
Her extremely caring and patient support for those learning the practice should be an extra reason to go to Fiona's highly enjoyable and valuable class. I left her class feeling that all things are possible. Thank you Fiona.' Kath Reade

'I found out about Access Consciousness about nine months ago - what I read resonated with me, and I chose to do a Bars class with Fiona almost immediately.
My life often feels a bit of a rollercoaster ride! And I soon realised that having my Bars run and being in touch with other people from Access (at shares, or via the internet) was giving me more awareness around the lows, and making them easier to manage. It was also great that I was able to access Fiona for support during this time very easily.
I then realised that whilst the Bars and the associated clearings and processes were great, I actually wanted MORE - and the next step was Foundation and level 1.
I did Foundation at the beginning of May - and immediately noticed a big shift in awareness around a lot of my habits and my patterns......then with Level 1 at the end of May, that increase in awareness amplified - along with confidence in using and applying the tools, changing lots in the class, and continuing to be able to change things on my own.
How does it get any better than this?
Fiona was really very supportive during these classes - being with us in the ups and downs, and really encouraging us to be open and vulnerable. And it's in this space of vulnerability with ourselves and with others that the change and magic can happen. Thank You! - what else is possible now??' Elsbeth Hanson, Change Consultant, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

'Working with Fiona has led to me regaining a full, active and enjoyable life, and a level of vitality and positivity I would never have dreamed of.
I had been ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME for over twenty years by the time I began to work with Fiona. I have had a variety of symptoms: constant fatigue in spite of often sleeping really well, brain fog and poor concentration, particularly in the mornings, and a habitual low mood (unsurprising, I suppose with the lack of anything positive in my life.)I also had the mindset of an “ill” person”, and really doubted that I could ever have a life that even approached “normality”.
By the time I came to see Fiona, I had tried quite a few approaches to “managing” my condition: reflexology, massage, reiki, aromatherapy, homeopathy, counselling, they were working in a limited way, helping me to “deal” with my condition.
Meeting Fiona coincided with a feeling inside me that I could really get completely better, a big change from the received wisdom around ME that you can “manage” the condition rather than recover from it!
One of the first big changes I noticed was my mood –which actually began to change as soon as I saw Fiona’s website, and decided to work with her. Nowadays, I am positive most of the time – which feels like a blessing after years of low mood and depression. I also noticed that I wasn’t cancelling things in the same way: I was saying yes to things I genuinely wanted to do, and then prioritising following through with them. This had a massive effect on my self esteem.
Then came the physical changes. At first, it was little things like not needing to rest at the top of the stairs every time I went upstairs. Or being able to spend a bit more time with people without getting completely worn out, then suddenly I was able to be out and about for much longer during the day. Now three months after finishing working with Fiona, I am leading an active, full life –including spending a lot of time looking after my aging parents. I feel particularly grateful for this, as it means so much to them and to me that I am really able to be there for them when they need me. I also have all sorts of plans for the future (something I would never have dared do before)– including writing a book which has been “inside” me for some time now.
I loved working with Fiona too – she was totally present for me, encouraging me every step of the way – and of course completely understanding where I was coming from, because she had experienced so much of it herself. I am left at the end of the programme with a set of tools and materials that I continue to use myself to keep me well and happy.
Thanks so much, Fiona for giving me back my life and my health – nothing is more precious than that." Stephen Walmsley, Lancashire

'I approached Fiona for help following bullying at work a few years ago, although I'd left that job and had, on the surface, rebuilt my life I was aware that the issues were still affecting me by limiting the choices I was prepared to make in the present and had reignited some incidents from my childhood that I'd never fully addressed. I was choosing safe options and had limited horizons beyond which I was not prepared to venture.
Since working with Fiona I've noticed changes happening so fast I've started noting key dates so I can track my progress, but despite the rapidity of the change the process has felt gentle and never overwhelming. I feel like chains that had been restricting me have been released. My daily expectation of a normal feeling has changed, I now expect to feel happy! My friends have noticed the change in me and several have commented on it. I'm more willing to share who I am with other people as I grow in self-confidence, I even notice that I am walking taller physically. I've moved beyond my original objective in contacting Fiona and am now no longer prepared to accept that 'it's just me' when there are things I'd like to change about myself, I'm becoming more fully myself.
Fiona knows where the process is going which gives me confidence to be open and share, not something I usually find easy. She doesn't push but allows me to move as fast as I feel comfortable. She has the experience to explain the significance of what's happening during the sessions and make suggestions for how I can continue the healing on my own. I find her to be a calm and reassuring presence during a period of great change for me.' Sheila Thompson, Salford

'I have for many years struggled with car journeys on the motorway. Being in a car on the motorway made me anxious and any traffic jams or delays would cause me to panic. As I have to travel to work on the motorway, it made every day a struggle and was gradualy getting worse. In addition I have struggled with blushing from being a teenager, as part of a social anxiety. Sometimes I wouldnt even know why or what caused me to blush. I had tried various other therapies over the years such as hypnotherapy and nlp, none of which relieved the symptons.
When I came to the appointment, I didnt know what to expect and I was doubtful of how it would work on my issues. However in one session I have cured my car phobia completely and now travel on the motorway with confidence. I no longer feel panic at the sign of any delay or traffic jams and feel more relaxed in a car than I can ever remember. My blushing has decreased dramatically and I am feeling better each and every day. I have found a new confidence and find myself more social and comfortable in all situations.
Within the session Fiona showed me how to carry on the therapy at home and has given me the resource to use EFT on any issues I may have.
I am so thankful I came for the appointment, Fiona is a warm, posative and caring therapist. I left the session feeling so posative, I never expected such amazing results after just one session and I recomend this to anyone. EFT has changed my life and I will continue to use this in the future on any issues I have.
Thanks again for all your help.'Paul, Burnley

'I went to healing after suffering a miscarriage. I was feeling extremely upset and and very anxious about the future and getting pregnant again. Fiona made me feel very welcome and at ease, she listened to me and I felt the sessions were a safe place where I could let go of my fears and worries. I saw a change in the way I felt really quickly and after only two sessions I felt like my old self again, not so anxious anyomore but excited about the future and the prospect of getting pregnant again. I would highly recommend Fiona and her healing techniques to anybody who is going through a difficult personal situation and feels in need of some emotional healing.' Alison P, Sale, South Manchester

'I've suffered from M.E. (chronic fatigue) for over twenty years now, and I have been severely affected. Before seeing Fiona, I felt like a hollow shell, with no energy. I often felt like my life was a living hell, and that I had little hope of recovery, despite my best efforts to exercise, eat healthily and have a positive attitude.
After seeing Fiona just four times (so far), I'm now feeling solid inside, excited about my life, and I'm getting up at 7am because I don't want to be in bed any more. I am now feeling confident that I can recover, but you don't have to believe in energy healing for it to work. I'm amazed by it. And I like Fiona. She's a kind, supportive and humble person.' Angela Murphy, Sale, Cheshire

'When I first started seeing Fiona for energy healing sessions, I had been suffering with unstable,  widespread and intensely painful rheumatoid arthritis for several years. Living day to day with any chronic condition can be physically and energetically exhausting. After a series of healings with Fiona, I have noticed a positive, cumulative and significant impact on my energy levels, together with increasing stability in my joints. The effect has been both powerful and tangible. I am now feeling emotionally resilient, and much more engaged with life which, of course, is wonderful!
Fiona is an accomplished healer. She works sensitively and intuitively, and always meets you where you are in the moment - often with quite powerful, but also with very gentle energy. I have had several different types of healings with Fiona and have been always happy to follow her suggestions because the results have been so positive. In the past I have invested in other complementary therapies without much success, so it has been a relief to know I have finally found a healer who is better able to meet my specific needs.' Nicki, former office worker

'The healing sessions with Fiona have been very enjoyable, firstly as a chance to talk with such an understanding and empathetic practitioner and then followed by a calming treatment, which seems to go in a flash and give my body what it needed each time even though that can be quite different. Fiona's healing hands managed to shift my often ever present grinding headache within a couple of uplifting sessions, where accupunture had previously taken months of treatment.' Rachel Green, Head of Business Development, MIDAS

'Following the energy healing and EFT sessions I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I cannot believe the difference it has made to me in such a short period of time. I feel alive again in a way that I haven't done for many years. I have realised that I have been carrying around a lot of negative emotional baggage for all of these years, and that it has had a significant impact on my health, well being and vitality, slowly draining me year upon year. Since our last session I have been spending much more time outside, and concentrating on nourishing my soul, my spiritual side. My fiance has also noticed a difference in me...he has got back the joyful me who enjoys life and takes delight in simple pleasures...it's definitely a good thing. I have felt able to concentrate on taking care of myself, eating more fresh, healthy foods and enjoying excercising again, it sounds silly but it has been a real revelation. Also, I haven't had a single migraine, and I have had a new clarity and focus within my work and am beginning to rediscover the things that I enjoy about my job, rather than feeling trapped and unhappy in it.
Before I came for the sessions I had been suffering from terrible Migraines, and a couple of months previously had a month off work with fatigue; I was struggling to get back into the daily routines of working life, feeling tired, drained and with a constant feeling of not really being present in my life. People were starting to comment that I looked as though I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, and my posture and demeanor supported this - my body felt heavy and everything was an effort. I also found that I was getting emotional and tearful for no apparent reason. I had been to see my GP who had prescribed me some more tablets for my migraines, but I felt like I needed to do something different, to take back some control of my life. When I came across your website something seemed to resonate with me and I felt it was worth giving it a go. The questionnarie that you sent me to complete prior to the session helped me to really focus on what the issues were for me, and I think this really helped me to come to our first session with an open mind, and ready to make a change. I wasn't sure what to expect, and to be honest I wasn't even sure if it would work for me, but I was willing to give it a go.
I found the first session of energy healing very powerful, and I noticed a difference in how I was feeling almost immediately - it really felt as though a weight had been lifted from me. The second session wasn't as dramatic for me, but I found that it helped to re-inforce the positive changes that had happened in the first session and I came away with a feeling of calmness and positivity.
The EFT techniques that you taught me to do have been extremely helpful - I have been using them every day, tapping to re-inforce positive changes in my health, well being and lifestyle.
Thank you once again, I would not hesitate to recommend you to people. I found you to be warm, friendly and welcoming, and your calm, patient manner made me feel at ease and 'in safe hands'. ' Karen, Manchester

'I came across Fiona Cutts as a result of tredging through various therapies and therapists alike in search of some inner healing. I had suffered adrenal exhaustion (burn out) from finishing my degree. In the midst of my father taking his own life and a 5 year relationship with someone I loved dearly ending in a truly formidable and hurtful manner. I am a Medical Herbalist and I spent the 6 months previous to meeting Fiona treating myself with herbs. I felt like my physical body was healed. My nervous system no longer lacked a stress response and I was eating and sleeping like one should. However, something was missing, the memories of my emotional turmoil still grated somewhere inside of me. I had lost my sense of self. I remembered who I was before sadness and grief overwhelmed me, but I couldn't shake it and it hung round my shoulders like a sack of rocks. I went to work daily and smiled. I was well. Nobody saw it but I carried everywhere the great lead sea of sadness. I was heavy with the memories of my broken heart and loss. My appointment with Fiona enabled the next steps of my healing journey. Fiona facillitated the release of my emotional pain that was knotted inside of me. It was an enlightening experience quite literally. It really hit home to me as a medical practitioner there are three aspects to healing: The physical, The emotional and The spiritual. For me, energy healing, approached the emotional aspects that herbs, drugs or phychotherapy can't touch. I became lighter. And in a sense it opened spiritual doors that I couldn't see before. I am no longer shackled by the sack of rocks and each step I take is no longer pushing though an invisible sad sea of lead. I am myself. True and whole. I still get sad, I still reflect, I still grieve. But its no longer the umbearable lightness of being. Fiona made me feel safe and the healing began for me on sending through the forms. I still see her regularly and she is teaching me tecniques to ensure I can manage my personal emotional releases when required. Which I find is often in this concrete society so far away from what our bodies are used too. These are tools for life that I can honestly say have helped me tune into my heart and be whole. She helped take the shakles of my feet so I can dance. Now I can I dance.'Zoe, medical herbalist, Manchester

I first came to see you in Autumn 2010.I was feeling in need of help with energy blockages and felt emotionally blocked as well.The changes I felt were very subtle and gradual. I can't quite put my finger on them but overall I have noticed a huge lift in my energy levels. Emotionally there have been significant shifts and I'm much more in touch with my emotions and feel as if I have 'opened up'. I have naturally started to lose weight that I have carried around with me all my life as a protection. I haven't changed my diet very much, but because of my increase in energy levels I have started to play tennis regularly and all these things have helped me shed the weight I have carried for so long.I found you very caring, gentle and attentive. I felt as if you listened to everything i said and helped me to express myself and the fact you understood me when I felt I wasn't being particularly articulate or clear was a great help. i felt you were very tuned into me. Suey Ross, assistant tv director, Manchester

'The EFT session I had with Fiona was phenomenal, it did something magical to me and for me. Before I had been doing some healing to cure some money blocks, and the emotions that came up to be healed were those I worked on with Fiona. Interestingly they were about family pain. I cleared so much with Fiona which was an utter pleasure, especially as a fellow EFT partitioner. I feel so so so different, I\'m more confident about selling what I do, I\'m asking people for money for my services proudly and with faith they will pay and on my terms. I\'ve even naturally discovered a great tactic to bring in money, that all feels right. I used to be so hung up about money and had so many blocks I had at one point lived in utter poverty. When you clear big lo blocks like this you feel so naturally your self, uninfluenced by hang ups and limiting beliefs. It\'s EMOTIONAL FREEDOM! Boy did I cry in the session!! I felt so safe in the space with Fiona, THEN she allowed me to release in a way I never have experienced before. She is so talented and equipped to guide and support a client to where is right for them. This experience was so releasing that I burst in to the most incredible open heart laughter....wowoowwwwwwwwwwwww!! Since I have experienced many divine meetings with people helping me on my path and had great new ideas for my business, in a way which is really connected to my heart and the best for me. So many opportunities are arising. Thank you so much Fiona.' Emma, EFT and Energy Healing Practitioner, Leeds, UK

'It's hard to link cause directly with effect but after a few weeks I felt a rise of energy, which felt 'Spring' like and I'm sure the healing sessions with Fiona contributed to this increased positivity and free flow of energy. I felt both grounded and cared for in the sessions and I enjoy her generous, sensitive presence and enthusiasm for healing.' Kavyasiddhi Mulvey, Writer and Teacher

'I have found Fiona via the internet as I was looking for an alternative medicine practicioner to help me to become more in touch with myself plus boost my energy levels and to help my daughter to manage her current health issue. I have decided to have a session with Fiona to see what it involves and find out if she would be able to help my 8 yrs old daughter too. The result of that was that I had three sessions with Fiona so far and my daughter will see Fiona in a couple of weeks for her first treatment.Two of the three sessions where "hands-on" which was great and one session was done in a form of distance healing which was very, very powerful and I will definitely have more distance healing treatments with Fiona in the future as they are fantastic experience. Regardless of the type of the session I have always found my energy levels boosted and since the first session I feel more in touch with myself.I find Fiona very experienced, knowligible and increadibly capable as an energy healer and I am glad that I have the pleasure to be one of her clients.'Alice Rafferty, Sale

'An angel in our midst... Enchanting, a word I would have rarely used, it implies presence, appreciation, commitment to oneself I only glimpsed before Fiona. The first day I was changed. No easy task, I had struggled my whole life.
Understatement. I had been suicidal, among other things - mostly ridiculous and incredibly sad, since adolescence, on and off, with vague spaces of unjustified promise. Had always known there was something I couldn’t shake off, written in stone. To dare to hope was beyond me.
Having hidden for unbearable time I began a long search, giving up seemed too easy. I have tried so much and so many – I have never found any kind of healing remotely as powerful and fundamental as this, nothing that touched it, or me. So far to go, I have turned the biggest corner.
For the first time, for real, a grounding that has lasted for months. I have peace in my heart, amazing, but true. Friends, it's so wonderful for them to see that, finally. No longer wake to wish that I were dead, and dread. Life and its inherent problems seem… approachable, fun … me, mine! Deep seated sense of presence and ease, self, freedom… never imagined. Miraculous is not too strong a word.
Love and endless appreciation to Fiona who has treated me intensively, way, way above the call of duty with humour, tenderness, sensitivity and the hugest compassion of all.' Amanda, Manchester

'I first came to EFT to hopefully beat my smoking habit. I had been thinking for a long time , that it's time I quit once and for all.I was feeling a little nervous about my visit as I didn't know what to expect. Fiona made me feel comfortable from the minute I walked through her door. We dicussed the method of what role I play in the therapy which was all clear and straight forward.I finished the one and only treatment I had by feeling some sense of relaxation but still feeling some kind of deep energy in me . I had one session and have not had a cigarette since , no craving whilst around other smokers which is unbelievably great for me.' David Antro, Worsley

'I asked for Fiona’s help with long-held psychological barriers to how I relate with people. For much of my adult life, I had tendencies to delay and procrastinate in ways that really inconvenienced my friends. They also have criticized me for complicating matters, and this sometimes leads to me becoming confused. The EFT method she used seemed so simple, yet it has been very effective in clearing these tendencies from my life. Furthermore, I have been empowered to use EFT to reinforce the session and to apply to other issues in my life. But what stands out in my mind as unique to Fiona is her manner during the healing session. She was gentle and clear, but was also totally present and direct in a way that, she seemed to emanate with certainty that “this is going to work!!” And that inspired my full trust, It was a remarkably effective healing session.' Paul Stockard, software tester

'Fiona has helped me through a seious emotional trauma with her energy healing. I could feel the difference on a physical as well as an emotional level between how I felt before and after treatment - even or especially after the first treatments.' Heidi J, Sale, Cheshire

'I had spoken with Fiona a few times before I knew she was an energy healer, I was not surprised, as I enjoyed her presence. I have experienced much pain, both physical and emotional, since childhood, and have taken advantage of many different strategies (including those related to energy) to relieve distress and discomfort. Whilst I always felt immediate benefit, relief was never long lasting. When I came to Fiona, I was looking for release, grounding and balancing as I thought if I could acheive these, not only would I feel better emotionally, but my body pains would also ease as I "let go."
Fiona's individualised and holistic approach (listening, empathy, understanding) and focussed healing sessions have been powerful. The initial healing session itself, where I laid passively was deeply relaxing and the particular painful body part immediately felt much better. Subsequent sessions where we "worked" on resolving issues from childhood required more active imput for part of the session. During these points, I felt overwhelming emotions, but was fully supported by Fiona. This was immediately followed by a sense of immense release and peace. After all sessions, I have felt tremendous lightness both in terms of weight and brightness in my being. Margaret Rogers, registered nurse

'Quackery.....smoke and mirrors.....or is it?
I must admit the first time I encountered energy healing, I was a little sceptical. However, having tried to deal with chronic back pain using the usual panoply of painkillers and prescribed exercises I was encouraged to take the plunge. It’s not a silver bullet but I can say with some feeling, that after the healing sessions with Fiona, I have felt progressively more comfortable. She provides a caring, supportive environment which allows her to respond intuitively to the way you are at that moment and the advice Fiona offers does seem to help.
I’m sure Fiona will be the first to agree that some of the healing sessions are more powerful than others, but I have been most impressed by the general progression that I have experienced. I do feel that I have developed more energy to cope with the disturbed nights, and the pains in my joints and back don’t seem as aggressive now as they were. It’s hard to assess whether it is a cause and effect, but it works for me! ' Alan Barth, manager

`It was lovely meeting you, I really enjoyed our session and changes have and are taking place. I love the way you hold your practice and how you are as a practitioner, I am going to take a lot away from that and learn. Your way is very gentle, genuine and kind. There are few people I'm so comfortable with, it really was a pleasure.` ' Nanouschka de Wilde, manager

'Tapping with Fiona is addictive, she has a beautiful calm focus that helped me to become grounded during our sessions.  I started working from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, fear and the energy work brought it down measurably in our first session. Then we moved to a place of happiness in another session and that tapping brought out the best in me. Fiona Cutts taps the negative energy away and allows the positive to fill the air.' Stephanie Schlosser,Cloverdale, BC, Canada (sessions via Skype)

'''I have smoked for the majority of the last 30 years. I've tried to stop using hypnosis, cold turkey and willpower as well as nicotine replacement; all to no avail. I felt I had nothing to lose in trying EFT. Well…here I am three months down the line experiencing freedom from cigarettes in a way I have never felt before. It's like magic! What have YOU got to lose?' . Kate Walsh, Office Worker

'For many years I have suffered from difficult emotions from my childhood. Fiona’s healing, given with love and compassion, was deeply powerful and profound and for the first time in my life, I really am equipped to free myself from my fears.' Stan Kukalowicz, Retired Local Government Officer

' I first met Fiona after a terrible year in 2009. Fiona's energy is infectious. She has a welcoming smile that lights into her energy. Her gentleness and tenderness towards you shines through. We have had many experiences in our time together, from angels to a feeling of utter peace. Thanks, Fiona, for everything. ' Sarah Ball, nurse

'I think you have found your vocation. When I am being healed by you I feel I am in ultimately safe hands and together we go to places that are so deeply personal. I could not imagine letting myself letting go in such a way with many people.' Olivia, musician

'I can highly recommend Fiona as an energy healer. She approaches her work as a healer with much sensitivity, intelligence and creativity. I was very quickly able to trust her and open myself to some deep healing. She stood confident with the issues I brought to her and responded with warmth and understanding.' Keith, café worker.

'I asked for help with chronic pain in the lower spine, tiredness and some emotional problems. Fiona studied the situation, and adapted what she felt best for me. Each time she gave me slightly different treatment, each time gave me physical and psychical peace.' Olga Kenyon, retired lecturer

'I enjoy and appreciate that Fiona is both gentle and yet assured in her healing, and there are those times when she simply surprises.' Douglas Finlayson, Bus driver

'I value Fiona's sensitivity and integrity as a practitioner in energy healing.' Diane Kaylor, Administrator

'Fiona is such a natural facilitator - her warmth, vibrancy and openness made the day flow beautifully...and with a lot of laughter and fun! Learning the bars with her was a real pleasure...both fun and profound at the same time............and I'm looking forward to taking more Access classes with her in the near future... 'Janine Crompton, Healer, Cornwall