Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

woman with chronic fatigue syndrome / CFS / ME

Do You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / CFS / ME?

I know from personal experience how terrifying it can be to be diagnosed with a chronic illness such as chronic fatigue syndrome / CFS / ME. For me, it felt as though it happened from one moment to the next. I had a full and active life - studying for a degree, and excited about a new and enjoyable life in Manchester, after years of living abroad.

It was the last thing I expected.

I went through emotions of panic, overhwelm and denial in the first months of my illness. I just couldn't understand what was going on....and also didn't have the ability to understand what was happening due to what I call "brain fog", inability to concentrate and inability to analyse anything. I had a long time of being unable to trust my body and mind, of feeling "unreliable" because I was unable to know whether I'd be well enough to see friends, of feeling in a thick "fog" and not daring to exercise or move too much in case I felt ill for days afterwards, and all the time dealing with the fear of the future - would I ever feel even a little bit better, or was this as good as it would get for the rest of my life?

Now, nine years later, completely well, and enjoying a higher level of health, energy and vitality than since my twenties, I am keen to share what I know with other people suffering from this debilitating and frightening condition.

Carry on Reading if.......

  • you are frustrated with a life limited by fatigue and other symptoms
  • you are fed up of not being able to plan ahead because you never know how you are going to feel
  • you have settled for "second best", just being pleased to get through the day
  • you have given up hope of ever reversing your situation, and leading a "normal" life
  • There is Hope....

    My own experience, and experience with clients and colleagues, shows that working on several aspects simultaneously offers the best chance of success in moving through the pain and fatigue to a life filled with vitality and energy. That's why I've created a simple, step-by-step program to treat Chronic Fatigue. This holistic approach to your wellbing incorporates the same unique blend of modalities I used to heal myself from ME. And now I want to share them with you. Here are just some of the gentle yet effective tools I've included in my programme..

  • Integrated energy healing. This powerful technique works with the emotional layers that have built up in you to cause the symptoms you are now experiencing. For some people, this may mean an inner child healing, for others a past life healing, and for yet others just letting in beautiful, bright energy and allowing the knots of past traumas to "melt" away.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique. This simple yet very effective tool can be learned with me, and then used by you in between sessions to manage your physical symptoms, and to manage any self-limiting self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs ("I will never get better. Other people may get better - but not me" etc)
  • Understanding how and why your body brought you to this illness. Often, although we may initially reject the idea, illness can be a message to us that something is not quite right in our lives. I will help you interpret your body's symptoms, in a non-judgemental and loving way, so that you are better able to understand what your body needs to move forward.
  • fatigued woman

  • Personalised Activity Plan. When we experience chronic fatigue syndrome / CFS / ME, we are often unable to move about much - and at first this is really positive, as our body needs to rest. Over time, however, the body and the mind can get into a "habit" of tiredness; movement therapy has been clinically shown to reverse that habit. Gradually building up movement in a controlled way " eases" the body and mind into more healthy patterning, whatever your starting point.
  • Nutrition. What we put into our bodies three times or more a day has a huge energetic and physical effect on us. I will give you some simple yet really powerful easy-to-implement strategies that can have an immediate positive impact on how you are feeling.
  • Feeling Deeply Seen and Listened To By Someone Who Understands. One of the most difficult things about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / CFS / ME is that other people generally do not understand what you are going through. Sometimes, you can feel as though you are going mad, as though maybe you are "making up" the fatigue and you "should" be able to "get it together." Being heard by someone who knows where you are is deeply healing.
  • Knowing You are Not Alone. I will be there to support you on your healing journey. And although everyone's journey is unique, I know firsthand what it is like to experience fatigue deep into the bones every day, to be concerned about the future, to feel angry about being ill, and to feel that nobody can help me to get better.
  • Handouts and Audios with all of the information. Because I have been through all of this, and know the common symptom of "brain fog", I have developed written and audio materials that cover all of the topics for you. So, no need to memorise everything - and you can rest assured that you will have the material there for the future.
  • What Next?

    If what you have read here resonates with you, and you would like to find out more about how the work I do could help you with this debilitating condition, then email me here or give me a call on 07903019461.