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  • Are you stuck in an area of your life – money, relationships, business, health, and are ready to move on?
  • Are you struggling with physical and emotional health issues, and are looking for a natural solution which is kind to you and your body?
  • Or do you simply know there must be MORE to life than you're currently experiencing, and would love to access that?

Vitality, Health and Balance in your life

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My Story - And What That Means For You!

I've been on a path of transformation and change for over twenty years now.

It was severe, debilitating, chronic illness (chronic fatigue syndrome / CFS / ME) that first led me to training in energy healing, reiki healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT.)

These powerful techniques changed so much for me – I let go of fatigue and low mood, and became happier and more energetic than for years. I also discovered more of who I truly am – I found out that I love to sing and dance (things that really scared me before!) and I learned to express myself more authentically, not keeping myself “hidden away” so that I wouldn't offend other people!

After a while of seeing clients, using the tools that had got me better (energy healing, reiki healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)) and facilitating change for people who were suffering mainly from fatigue illness or other kinds of illness, I realised that I had plateaued. Yes, my energy was amazing, I was incredibly well and vital, and I was enjoying my life, and feeling optimistic about the future.

And I still had that voice in my head (familiar to me from being a little girl) - “is this all there is? It's got to be better than this".)

And that's when I found the amazing tools of Access Consciousness.

In the time since then (now nearlu five years), I have changed aspects of my life more quickly and with way more ease than ever before!

I am enjoying my life way more, I am way more energetic than at any time in my life, my relationship with food (something I always struggled with) has transformed, the way I am willing to be seen in my therapy business and in my life has changed beyond belief, my money flows have increased and are still increasing, the number of clients I am seeing in private sessions and classes is continually increasing (and my capacity to see way more people has increased) my work is more interesting to me in that I am working with people who are stuck or struggling in any area of their lives, not just fatigue – and, even with all this amazing change I know that continuing to use these amazing, pragmatic tools, more is possible.

Are you interested in that for you too?

Here is an overview of the different ways I work with people to empower you to move from poor health, low mood and fear-based living to Energy, Joy and Vitality.

Private In Person Sessions

Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Access Consciousness

In Todmorden, Manchester and Leeds, I offer private in person sessions where I combine powerful body work (Access Consciousness Bars healing, Access Consciousness body processes, energy healing and reiki healing) with verbal processes from Access Consciousness and / or the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

PLEASE NOTE: I am getting busier with classes and sessions and travelling for classes. I am often able to see clients in person in my home in Todmorden or online quite quickly. Sometimes it takes a little longer in Manchester or Leeds.

Using Access Consciousness verbal processes and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) unlocks the psychological point of view or belief that is keeping you stuck. Then Access Consciousness body processes, energy healing and reiki healing literally unlock where you have locked in those limitations in your body, and invites you to a level of ease and communion with your body which I never even knew was possible!

The work is not linear – sometimes a body process can lead to freedom in the area of money, and sometimes verbal processing or Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) around for example a stuckness in relationship can lead to improved health as the energy involved in keeping you stuck is released for you to enjoy!

Follow the links to find out more about Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness Bars Healing, Body Processes and Verbal Processing.

Skype and Phone Sessions

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Access Consciousness, Energy Healing

I also offer online skype and phone sessions, wherever you are in the world. These sessions use the verbal tools of Access Consciousness, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as well as distance energy healing, reiki healing, and an amazing transformation process from Access Consciousness – the Symphony of Possibilities. This process literally inviting to you to the amazing possibility of who you truly are!

These sessions are shorter – 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. It can be astonishingly quick sometimes to gain the freedom you desire in a particular area of your life!

Access Consciousness Classes

I also offer Access Consciousness classes – which cover many different areas – money, business, creating your life, body processes to strengthen your body and lead to you creating your life more as you'd like it, living well as you get older, enjoying your body, healing your relationship with food – and more!

These Access Consciousness classes are in person in different parts of the North of England, and increasingly in different places too - London and the South, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Israel and more! I also offer online classes from the comfort of your own home!

The amazing thing about participating in classes is that we often “reflect” other people – so one person asks a question about a limitation or difficulty, and everyone releases the places which were keeping them stuck!

These Access Consciousness classes are also great for any of you who are therapists or coaches – any of the amazing tools of Access Consciousness that you learn in a class you are able to use in your work with clients (as long as you make it clear that the tools are from Access Consciousness), and in the Bars and body process classes you learn hands on processes that you can use with your own clients.

Follow the links to my class list for more details.

Access Consciousness Foundation Class

As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, I facilitate the fabulous Foundation class!.

This amazing 4 day class systematically releases you from all those places where you are “sticking” yourself in your life – and gives you more freedom than you most likely think is possible!

For me, these classes were the beginning of knowing with certainty that it was possible for EVERYONE, including me and my clients, to create way more expansive, joyful lives free of the old limitations that were keeping us stuck!

Follow the links to find out more about Foundation .

And go to my my class list to see where and when i am offering this amazing class next!

And What About You? Would You Like This Too?

Click here to email me about scheduling a session, or to find out more – or call me on 07903 019461.

Click here to learn more about individual sessions, and classes.

portrait of Fiona Cutts Energy Healer

Is This You?

  • You are looking for a natural solution to your chronic health issues.
  • You have tried conventional medicine, and other alternatives, and are looking for something different.
  • You feel there must be more to life than you're currently experiencing, and are looking to let go of what is keeping you stuck.

If you recognise yourself here, then you are likely to benefit from the healing work I do.
Call me on 07903 019461 to see how healing can help you.

If you have ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, click here for more information.

'...Before seeing Fiona, I felt like a hollow shell, with no energy... After seeing Fiona just four times (so far), I'm now feeling solid inside, excited about my life...'

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